Crystal Healing
relief   balance   vitality   transformation   bliss

Welcome to you, beautiful you

Since you’ve found yourself here, on this webpage, bliss might be on your way and if you would let me I could help you rock your life back into bliss. Perhaps you’re blocked, frustrated, confused, anxious, insecure, have too much of this too little of that. Your body hurts, your heart aches, your mind can’t focus. Sometimes you may feel great but have a little something that is nagging you that won’t go away. These are indications you’re ready to start moving energy and creating space for your best and brightest to come forward. Above all others, YOU know what you need to heal, even if that knowledge is hiding deep within you. My calling is to discover together with you where these gems are hiding in you and to energetically clear the path with the help of my crystals to (re-) find your most blissful self. Whether it will be with me or with another guide, when we heal ourselves, we heal the world. I am glad you made it here today.

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